San Lum Academy
4716 S 300 E
Kokomo, IN 46902

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Intermediate/Advance Weapons Class:

San Lum Kirby Family

About San Lum Academy:

San Lum Academy is located on 4716 S. 300 East in Kokomo, IN and is own and operated by the Sifu Christopher Kirby Family: each member of the Kirby Family is a Black Belt and has won Martial Arts World Championships, along with International, National and State Championships. We currently teach Pai Lum “White Dragon” Kung Fu, Bok Leen “White Lotus” Pai Kempo, and Sports Kenjutsu “Padded Sword Fighting”.

Mission Statement:

San Lum Academy was founded in 2006 by Sifu Christopher Kirby. Through the teachings of Pai Lum Kung Fu, Bak Leen Kempo and Sports Kenjutsu, we believe that it is important to promote positive moral values on top of a basic physical work out routine. In studying the martial arts, students are allowed to grow as they progress in rank, allowing students to set goals and strive for a cause.

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